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Our goal is to help provide our Creative Cones to aid in the education and

therapy of children and adults with autism and special needs. 

Also, we have our Therapeutic line of products which can be used in Physical, Occupational,

& Recreational Therapy for individuals that have suffered from strokes, arthritis, and other physical challenges.

All children do not learn in the same way and do not respond to the same type of stimuli. 

Our Creative Cones have a textured surface and are great fun toys for children of all ages in stacking,

color recognition, patterning, water and sand play, arts and crafts, and more.   

Pat Tucker, Owner

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, B.S. / Univ. of Minnesota


We are still under construction.

Weekly Specials

Cone colors vary
Deluxe Therapy 40 Cone Set with 20 Aides
Price: $80.00
Deluxe Therapy 40 Cone Set with 20 Aides
40 Creative Cones plus 20 accessories to aid in physical, occupational, and recreational therapy for stroke patients, autism, and special needs individuals. Help with hand and eye coordination. Contains balls, rings, bean bags, large reflex balloons.
Balls, Rings, Stress Balls
Physical Therapy Rehab Cones 45 PC + 8 Aides
Price: $65.00
Physical Therapy Rehab Cones 45 PC + 8 Aides
Set includes: (45) Creative Cones - 7" tall, multi-colored (2)- Med Rings (2)- Small Rings (2)- Medium Plastic Balls (2)- Soft Tension Balls (1)- Activity Brochure
Add glass vase for weight
20 Piece Black Cone Vases for Fresh or Silk Flowers
Price: $22.50
20 Piece Black Cone Vases for Fresh or Silk Flowers
20 Piece Black Creative Cones Floral Display. Use these cones as a DIY project and make beautiful centerpiece for a wedding, shower, birthday party, or retirement party. Use fresh or silk flowers and add accessories.
Use cones in water or sand
Price: Here is a free item for you.
FREE BUBBLE RECIPE Creative Cones not included.

We will provide an  exchange or a refund of  the purchase price of defective materials if sent back within 15 days of receipt.  Email first and explain what the problem is.  Return of all merchandise  will be at the buyer's expense.  Refund will be for  the cost of original purchase and postage.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.  We will do all we can to make sure that your buying experience is satisfying.  Contact us at Something Old  Something New,  Minneapolis, MN 55411  by email at 
Policy updated as of  3.6.16.
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